Vietnam’s wastewater decoloring agents

Vietnam’s wastewater decoloring agents

I. Wastewater Decoloring Agents or Wastewater Color-removal Agents Made In Vietnam

Currently, on the market, there are many types of wastewater decolorizing chemicals. Each type will possess its own advantages and disadvantages as well as its own application. Based on popularity in Vietnam, we have 2 main categories:

    • TMH-01 – Specialized Decolorizing Chemical, a treatment for wastewater with high colority
Wastewater Decolorizing Agent TMH-01; Decolor, Color-removal, and treatment for blue textile wastewater

TMH-01 is a special decolorizing chemical specialized for color-removal or decolorizing wastewater with high colority, typically such as textile dyeing wastewater, paper wastewater, printing ink wastewater, and waste leachate… The use of TMH-01 helps to decolorize more efficiently and economically while decreasing COD in water, speeding up flocculation, and helping settle quickly.

  • TH-01 – Wastewater Decolor Agent specialized for color-stripping and treatment for all types of wastewater

TH-01 is a decolor chemical used by many businesses in the wastewater treatment process.

TH-01 – is famous for its wide application suitable for industrial wastewater treatment in factories and industrial zones. Especially TH-01 is the ideal choice for both decolorization but also for cost-effective water treatment when replacing some other auxiliary chemicals.

If TH-01 was not in use, businesses will have to use a large amount of Chloride bleach, which will result in the bleaching phenomenon, which not only does not completely solve the problem of water treatment but also causes wastewater to be polluted, secondary pollution.

Decolor Agent TH-01

II. Where to Buy Vietnam’s Decoloring Agents?

Are you looking for wastewater decolor chemicals to use in wastewater treatment? Are you looking for decolorizing chemicals supplier in Vietnam? Don’t worry, TMH will be dedicated to helping you with the best products and services.

T.M.H Trading Production Co., Ltd is a Vietnam leading manufacturer specializing in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting decolorizing chemicals or decolor agents in industrial wastewater treatment.

With a production line for a capacity of up to 1000 tons/month. T.M.H is confident that it can meet the technical requirements as well as provide chemical products, decolorizing chemicals to customers in the fastest and most economical way.

We are committed to
environmental protection & sustainable development

T.M.H believes that sustainable development is the key to success.

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